When companies reimagine their role in society and collaborate with stakeholders to tackle the world’s most complex problems, we unlock value for everyone.


Victoria Thom

Victoria’s purpose is to give power to voices that have been excluded, and build a fairer system for everyone. She is an experienced social impact strategist and internationally accredited partnership broker. Her career spans business consulting, international development and social enterprise, which gives her unique insights into how complex systems can be disrupted through shifts in thinking and effective multi-stakeholder collaboration and governance. 

Victoria holds a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact from Melbourne Business School and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is Regional Director, Oceania for The Partnering Initiative and accredited Partnership Broker with The Partnership Brokers’ Association. 

After living abroad and travelling to almost 50 countries, she now lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner and two children. In a spare moment (and when the rules allow it) you will find her surfing, snowboarding or seeking out live music.



Reimagine Action partners with clients and collaborators who share our purpose to build a more inclusive and sustainable society and economy. We are all part of a singular humanity, sharing one planet, and both are under great strain. To address this, responsible business leaders are discovering new ways to create value for society and the environment, at the same time as generating value for the economy.



We are living through an era of unprecedented volatility, uncertainty and complexity. Traditional, transactional ways of solving problems are not sufficient. To address the challenges we face, we must think and do differently. Collaboration recognises that none of us can solve these problems on our own. It’s only through reimagining the world together and harnessing our collective resources, that we can drive action toward the future we want to see.


What we do

Reimagine Action can help your business navigate complexity and build trust by helping you to understand the systemic challenges you face, orient your strategy, build your partnering culture and capability, and mobilise partnerships for real change. 

For more than two decades, Victoria has been working with organisations to help them answer the question: “What is the future you want to see?” and then bringing that vision to life.

We do this by:

  • Building purpose – developing stakeholder-driven, future-fit mission and vision. 
  • Driving social impact – creating strategies to enhance business outcomes and stakeholder value.
  • Helping you become ‘fit-for-partnering’ – strengthening organisational capability to drive social performance 
  • Brokering Partnerships – mobilising, supporting, reviewing multi-stakeholder collaborations and platforms.

Talk to us about the future you want to see. Let’s reimagine what’s possible.